Children's Museum of the Highlands

Why is this called a museum?

Traditionally, a "museum" referred to a building which preserved and exhibited a collection of artifacts, many of them antique.  The museum was also very often a center of the arts.  Modern museums are dynamic centers of learning, which encourage active participation in a variety of scientific, imaginative and cultural exhibits. A "children's museum" is a modern museum designed specifically for the education and enjoyment of children.

The Children's Museum of the Highlands offers a stimulating environment for children of all ages to explore and enjoy.  Our museum is uniquely equipped to offer an educational setting which is different from that of home or school, but which augments the kind of learning that occurs in both.

Is my child learning anything here?

The Children's Museum offers a unique and exciting environment for children to "play" in.  Each area invites exploration and discovery through hands-on participation. But is this learning?  And if so, what is being learned?

Children rely on their senses to gather information about themselves and the world.  By imitating, repeating, exploring and experimenting, they gradually learn to make judgments and to categorize what they know.  What sometimes appears to adults as "mere child's play" is in fact, according to most educational professionals, the most important activity children can engage in.  Through spontaneous and imaginative participation in the world around them, children learn to have control of themselves and their environment, and to interact meaningfully with others.

The most effective learning environment is one which is safe and attractive, and invites children to experiment and explore and imagine at their own rate, in their own way.  Adults can best facilitate learning in children by supporting and extending their play, and by encouraging children to communicate their experience in words.

The Children's Museum of the Highlands is proud to provide a safe learning environment for all of our children.  We believe our children are our future, if we can instill in them a positive attitude about learning and life, then the future will be brighter for everyone.

I hear and I forget... I see and I remember...

"2nd Visit Here! Very enjoyable and educational."
-  Brusca Family, Sebring, Florida

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