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Welcome to the Circle Club, Sebring's hottest 20's jazz speakeasy! You're the V.I.P. invited to this private party evening of dinner and murder in the era of wonderful nonsense. In Speakeasy or Say Nothing- a Musical Whodunit, all the characters have a motive and it's up to the most popular audience vote to decide who bumped off "The Dentist". Packed with love, scandal, jazz, hooch, crime and hotsy-totsy singing talent this original musical by Moore Performing Arts, Inc. is sure to shock, amaze and amuse! It's time for Puttin' on the Ritz in your best bootleg attire for a night you will be talking about a long time to come.


Mama Scarlet Moore (Rachel Moore)
Mama owns The Circle Theatre that doubles as The Circle Club Speakeasy at night. Mama's motto is, "When you're good to Mama, Mama's good to you."

Moonshine Sheila (Kim Benton)
Moonshine Sheila is the club manager and has been known to show off her stage talents as well. She makes sure the jazz is hot and the liquor is cold.

Fische (Aisha Alayande)
Fische, as the town bookie/gangster, offers protection for a price. Fische follows the code of ethics, "Keep your crime clean!"

Dr. Fitzgerald- "The Dentist" (Andy Kulick)

Dr. Fitzgerald, a.k.a. "The Dentist" takes care of teeth by day and is a guitarist by night. He is married to the gorgeous stage and screen icon Flossie Fitzgerald, but has an insatiable thirst for singing dames.

Flossie Fitzgerald (Virginia Roebuck)

A silent film icon from Hollywood, Flossie is a singing diva who expects nothing but the best. Now that her husband has lost his fortune, Flossie's number one motive is to get her name on the big screen.

Bruno Bonavita (Georgie Guzman)
Bruno is a furniture and "other things" salesman who supplies public demand. Married to Gena, Bruno is also an entertainer at the Circle Club who swears he Ain't Misbehavin!

Gena Bonavita (Michelle Goodrich)
Gena's is the sister of The Dentist. She and Bruno are grifters that are always dealing shady deals.

Bugsy Callahan (Larry Moore)
Bugsy is the Mixologist who is one of Fische's informants. He knows everything about everyone but you didn't hear it from him.

Eddie Dane (Chris Bates)
Eddie "Dane" is the Circle Club Master of Ceremonies. He also keeps everything in order as the "Fire Extinguisher" of the joint.

Goldie Dane (Amanda Bates)
Goldie is talented and beautiful and has the eye of both her husband Dane and The Dentist. She is a hopeless romantic who's head lives in the clouds.

Uma Von Kulick (Beth Kulick)
Uma is a reporter/paparazzi on the prowl for a good story to sell papers. Her only motive is to sell papers and nothing sells papers like murder.

Dick Malone P.I. (JB Benton)
Dick is a private investigator that is a regular patron of the Circle Club.

Song List:

1 When You're Good to Mama - Mama and Dane
2 All That Jazz - Flossie Fitzgerald
3 Stay - The Dentist and Goldie
4 Is You Is or is You Ain't My Baby? - Gina and Bruno
5 Crazy in Love - Flossie Fitzgerald
6 Shot me Down - Dentist and Goldie
7 Ain't Misbehaving - Bruno and Sheila
8 Fische Betta Have Her Money - Fische and Bugsy
9 Bang Bang - Dane and Goldie
10 A Little Party Never Killed Nobody - Mama and Dane